Safety T-Shirts designed exclusively by Motorcycle Riders, for Motorcycle Riders!

One of the main safety issues that we have found while riding our motorcycles is that others do not see us. We have all been cut off from motorists because they do not notice us out there on the road. This is not acceptable if you value your life as bikes as much as we do. So, we set out to develop a garmet that would help others see us and give us a fighting chance out there. This is the cumulation of our extensive research. T-Shirts that are highly visible during the day, and reflective at night. The T-Shirt is of course Safety Green and screen printed with reflective ink. These are light weight 50/50 blended shirts, that are comfortable and very visible on the road. Buy one, or many, today and let us know your results. We are all about safety here, and any suggestions, or comments are appreciated.

See-Me-T's offer a variety of highly visible, reflective shirts for the motorcycle enthusiast.

Bright colors allow the rider to get noticed during the daytime, and reflective graphics offer a higher level visibility to other motorist at night
Below is a rendition of what the shirts will approximately look like. We are working on the printing specs as you read this.
But, the design will include a small logo on the from of the shirt along with a large logo on the back with the wording as displayed.
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Currently only available to be shipped to US/Canada locations.

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